Monday , 18 June 2018
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At its weekly meeting on May 27th, the Israeli government approved the first-stage development of the Israel Ports Company (IPC)’s recently completed 50-year strategic master plan.

Approval for Israel port development plan

The plan, developed over the past 18 months, provides a vision for both the long- and short-term development of Haifa and Ashdod ports, in a phased approach based on demand growth. It puts a special emphasis on increasing competition and on the participation of the private sector in Israel’s ports industry.

Highlights include the potential to develop a number of independent container terminals with a minimum quay length of 1,000 m and a terminal width in excess of 500 m. The terminals will be designed to accommodate Suez-max container ships with dimensions similar to the latest Maersk vessels. The plan also considers the potential to attract further transhipment, as well as transit traffic, as changes in the geopolitical situation allow, and outlines road and rail improvements for inland cargo delivery.

IPC chief executive officer Shlomo Brieman said: “Considering that over 98% of Israel’s international commerce moves via its seaports and that container traffic has been and is expected to continue to double every ten years, failure to plan ahead and dedicate coastline for seaport development will inhibit the country’s economic development and competitiveness in the global marketplace.”

The IPC has already announced an international tender for design, consulting and general supervision services (including breakwater, quay, dredging, land reclamation and terminal development) for the first-phase terminal, which should be completed and ready for operations by 2015. More information is available on the company’s website at: