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Zim announces focus on three profitable trades

Israeli shipping line Zim has announced that an organisational restructuring programme to focus on three profitable trade areas will take effect on March 1, 2016.

The programme, which includes managing the company’s three major business units independently and putting an end to the existing area managements, aims “to build a lean and agile enterprise”.

According to the programme, while Zim’s Intra-Asia, Pacific and Cross Suez-Atlantic units will be managed independently as from March 1, the carrier’s operations in other trades, which include Asia-Africa, Asia-South America East Coast and Mediterranean-Africa, will continue with no change.

The three new business units will be headed by company vice presidents, who are set to report directly to Zim’s president and CEO Rafi Danieli, who is expected to step down soon.

Nissim Yochai, who is currently Zim’s Global Sales’ area manager, will be vice president of the Pacific unit, which deals with trade between Asia and North and Central America, while Danny Hoffman, who currently manages the Asia-Pacific area, will hold the role of vice president of the Intra-Asia unit, dealing with trade within Asia.

Rani Ben-Yehuda, currently managing the Israel and Near East area, will be vice president of the Cross Suez-Atlantic unit, comprising of trade between Asia and the Mediterranean Sea, intra-European trade (including Israel), and trade between the Mediterranean Sea and the Americas.

Danieli said in a statement: “The new structure strengthens the position of Zim in the trade in which it operates and is an important element in implementing our strategic plan and in improving the level of service to our customers.”

In January 2016, Zim announced that Danieli was resigning as the company’s CEO, adding that he will continue to serve his role until a new CEO is appointed.

Three days before the carrier’s announcement, an Israeli newspaper claimed that the carrier delayed an initial public offering (IPO) on Wall Street reportedly planned for the first half of 2016, but the carrier reportedly neither formally announced nor denied its IPO plans.