Friday , 25 May 2018
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Kalmar to deliver 19 straddle carriers to Vado

Port equipment manufacturer Kalmar has received an order for 19 hybrid shuttle carriers from APM Terminals (APMT) for its newest container terminal which is under construction in Vado, Italy.

The deepwater facility in Vado, which will receive the Kalmar HSH240 machines in 2017, will be the world’s first container terminal to employ an entirely hybrid shuttle carrier fleet.

The hybrid machines have been designed with a regenerative energy system that converts energy from operational braking and lowering of the spreader into electric power which is then captured and stored through new battery technology.

An automated computer-assisted power system is intended to determine the most efficient balance between the diesel engine and battery power.

Carlo Merli, managing director of APMT Vado, said: “The enhanced hybrid power enabled by the Kalmar’s shuttle carriers will result in an estimated 30% reduction in fuel consumption, as well as a reduction of an estimated 50 tonnes of CO2 annually per unit, compared with conventional diesel/electric-powered shuttle carriers.”

The Port of Vado is located in northwestern Italy, near Genoa. The facility is scheduled to become operational in January 2018 with the ability to handle 18,000 teu vessels.