Friday , 22 June 2018
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Hammar launches new sideloader
The sideloader was launched in New Zealand

Hammar launches new sideloader

Hammar has launched its newest sideloader, the Hammar 110, featuring a new usage method for fast ground handling and offering a reduced tare weight of 8.3 tonnes.

The model features a double-action system that can deploy two modes comprising the StepOver which was developed for the Hammar 155 for stacking or transferring containers or the new SledgeLeg ability.

According to a statement from the Swedish manufacturer, the SledgeLeg allows the sideloader to operate in much tighter, confined spaces, performing container movements faster because the leg does not need to completely unfold.

Hammar New Zealand boss, Fred Sandberg, said: “Space is becoming a premium at many businesses in large cities and towns these days, which makes it difficult for truck drivers to operate a traditional sideloader when delivering or picking up a container.”

“When we started looking at how we could assist drivers in this respect we also wanted to use the opportunity to save tare weight, yet without compromising  the 36-tonnes lifting capacity, or the strength, quality and durability.”

The new mode sees the legs extended to less than half their maximum outreach to rest on a knuckle built into the upper part of the longer StepOver leg, as it folds into itself.

According to Sandberg, the swift deployment of the stabiliser legs in SledgeLeg mode means that trucks can be in and out of customer premises in shorter times than with traditional sideloaders.

The new model also has the ability to transfer a container or stack on top of another with the fully extended StepOver legs.

With the prototype now launched, the machine will go into production at the company’s newly enlarged manufacturing facility in Takanini, South Auckland, New Zealand.

The product has a low centre of gravity that keeps the rig stable, regardless of the cargo and driving environment according to a company statement,

Each model sold in New Zealand will come with a cable remote control as standard, to allow the driver to move around the sideloader for a range of views.