Friday , 22 June 2018
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Liebherr Maritime Cranes delivers reachstaker to Dublin
The unit was produced in Sunderland, UK

Liebherr Maritime Cranes delivers reachstaker to Dublin

Liebherr Maritime Cranes has delivered a new reachstacker to Doyle Shipping Group for its container facilities at the Port of Dublin.

The LRS 545 reachstacker, which features a low front end allowing increased visibility for the operator when placing the containers onto the train, is being used at the company’s facility mainly to load and unload containers to and from trains at the port.

The crane includes the company’s hydrostatic drive system, which makes it possible to reduce the front profile of the machine as there is no need for a front drive axle and mechanical gearbox, with each wheel independently driven by a hydraulic motor.

According to the manufacturer, this is expected to reduce tyre scrubbing and thus increase tyre life.

Additionally, by removing the mechanical gearbox element, the drive of the crane from acceleration to braking is smooth and stepless, giving added sensitivity at low speeds and increasing driver comfort.

A statement noted: “Fitted with a 4 cylinder 230 kW engine that meets Tier 4f requirements, fuel consumption as low as 14 l/h can be achieved. By using one closed loop hydraulic circuit for all operations, the recovery of energy from other parts of the system is made 2/3 possible.

“Whether this energy is recovered during braking or lowering of the load, it is transferred to other parts of the system as required.”

The new LRS 545, which was produced at Liebherr’s manufacturing facility in Sunderland, UK, was shipped to Dublin via road.