Thursday , 24 May 2018
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Lase launches straddle carrier positioning solution

Laser systems manufacturer Lase has launched a product for the exact positioning of straddle/van carriers under ship-to-shore (STS) cranes.

The retrofittable solution, named LaseSPC – Straddle Positioning Crane, is a 2D measurement system consisting of two 2D laser scanners mounted on the water and landside sill beam.

The straddle carriers are equipped with reference markers on all four portal legs. After the straddle carrier is under or approaches the crane, the measurement system detects the markers and calculates the exact position of the straddle.

Using light emitting diode (LED) displays, the straddle carrier driver receives feedback about his/her relative position to the crane centre and the final target position.

Possible corrections of the position will be shown as numeric displacement information in order to move forward or backward.

Furthermore the straddle’s information will be hosted to the crane control system in order to prevent the hoist is lowering into the lane where the straddle carrier is.

The system is also applicable for multi-lane operations, whereby a maximum of two straddle carriers can be positioned at the same time.

The new product completes the German manufacturer’s offer of applications under STS cranes with Lase now offering laser-based positioning systems for all horizontal modes of transport.