Monday , 18 June 2018
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Navis expands portfolio as part of new strategy
Navis president Benoit de la Tour

Navis expands portfolio as part of new strategy

US-based operational technologies and services provider Navis has expanded its solution portfolio to include both terminal and carrier solutions, as well as cloud collaboration platform XVELA.

The changes are part of a new, wider software strategy aiming to allow both container terminals and shipping lines to streamline their ocean supply chain and enhance collaboration.

Navis terminal solutions include the N4 terminal operating system (TOS), N4 Optimization Modules, automation, Business Intelligence Portal and related solutions and services for terminal performance optimisation; while Navis carrier solutions comprise all solutions designed to improve vessel capacity, performance and monitoring.

The latter include solutions acquired from stowage planning product INTERSCHALT-Navis StowMan, onboard loading computer Navis MACS3, and fleet performance product Navis Bluetracker.

XVELA, which operates as its own entity, is claimed to provide the industry’s only cloud collaboration platform powering connected intelligence across the ocean supply chain.

According to the company, which unveiled the new strategy at the Navis World Exhibition, the changes are expected to provide a more comprehensive set of solutions to optimise terminal and vessel performance, and cloud-based collaboration driving transparency, efficiency and profitability to both ocean carriers and terminal operators.

Benoit de la Tour, president of Navis and head of software business at Kalmar, which like Navis is part of Cargotec, said: “As the ocean supply chain has grown more complex and new challenges have arisen for all members of the shipping community, Navis is committed to growing its software and services portfolio to support current and future customer needs.

“Navis’ broader software focus is in direct response to this promise, further extending the company’s trusted, industry-leading solutions beyond terminal operations to drive improved optimisation and performance for a broader set of ocean trade entities, including ocean carriers globally.”