Sunday , 24 June 2018
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Antwerp training centre adds straddle carrier

The training centre for port workers in the Port of Antwerp, known as the OCHA, is adding a second Kalmar electric straddle carrier to its fleet to meet rising demand for trained drivers.

The existing straddle carrier will be refurbished as part of the order, and both machines will be covered by a Kalmar Care maintenance contract.

Last year OCHA trained 3,070 people and conducted 659 training programs for port workers.

The straddle carrier training programme comprises one week on simulators followed by two weeks on real machines after which the drivers are ready to commence real port operations.

Ann Baats, manager at OCHA, said: “Our operations have grown steadily over the years, from a relatively small training centre to a larger-scale comprehensive training facility with special focus on crane and straddle carrier operations.”

“Kalmar equipment supported by a comprehensive maintenance contract will continue to play a key role in facilitating our multifaceted training offering,” she added.

With four straddle carrier operators at the port and increasing container volumes, there is constant demand for trained drivers, noted the Finnish manufacturer in a statement.

OCHA has been training straddle carrier drivers using Kalmar equipment since 2003.