Friday , 25 May 2018
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Spain’s ports paralysed by 48 hour strike

Spanish ports have been hit with a 48 hour non-stop strike causing huge disruption for all 39 of their cargo ports.

The strike began on Wednesday June 14, at 0800 and is the first non-stop strike to hit Spanish ports this year.  Up until now strikes taken place on alternate days for periods of one hour.

The non-stop strike has put severe pressure on surrounding ports and shipping schedules have been thrown into disorder.

Eight ships have been redirected from Maersk Line’s Mediterranean hub in Algeciras where vessels arrive for connection to other ports.

A further three ships have been redirected from Barcelona.  Vessels from these ports have been rerouted to Tangier, Sines and Valencia.

The total loss for Algeciras as a result of these strikes is expected to be 500,000 movements per year, 15% of its total.

Minister of public works, Íñigo de la Serna, previously said: “They [the unions] have to negotiate and reach an agreement to revoke the strike because the effect can be disastrous.”

The strikes came as a result of issues surrounding job protection following the liberalisation of port services.  

A customer notice from CMA CGM indicated that it is expecting further congestion following the strike. Further strikes are due on odd hours on June 19, 21 and 23.