Friday , 25 May 2018
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Puerto Lirquen upgrades to Navis N4

Puerto Lirquen in Chile has successfully completed a terminal system upgrade to Navis N4, following its sister company Puerto Central.

The implementation took less than eight months with zero downtime or system errors. The port had been using an outdated system which was having a negative effect on terminal services.

Puerto Lirquen hope that using Navis to deliver efficient terminal operations will help them achieve their 30% growth target over the next couple of years.

The facility operates for nearly 365 days per year and was therefore looking for a terminal system that could keep up with the constant flow of information and improve terminal efficiency and productivity.

Alberto Arancibia, managing director of Puerto Lirquen, said that the new systems would allow the port “to generate diverse reports that we need to monitor our progress and adapt quickly to the changes requested by customers and shipping companies.”

Vice president and general manager of Americas at Navis, Chuck Schneider, said: “Puerto Lirquen has a very aggressive goal of achieving 30% growth in the coming two years and in order to hit that target, having agile and efficient terminal operations will be crucial.”

The port, which handles 250,000 teu annually is located in the bay of Concepción and acts as the largest private port of public service in the country.