Monday , 18 June 2018
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Valencia to invest in infrastructure 

The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) and Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias Company (ADIF) have signed two agreements to improve the rail access to the Port of Sagunto and the Valencia-Zaragoza railway line.

The agreements include the creation of a direct rail access to the port that meets a series of technical functional requirements such as access of trains of up to 750 m. Seven sidings on the Sagunto-Teruel-Zaragoza railway line will also be improved.

The works are expected to be tendered at the beginning of 2018 and have duration of 24 months, with completion scheduled for 2020.

ADIF will also transfer to the PAV the ownership of the infrastructure that will become part of the service area of the Port of Sagunto.

The works will facilitate the increase of the average speed of travel of the trains circulating along the line, as well as the increase of the capacity available for the trains. This will allow an improvement of 15% in the operating conditions of the line.

“These agreements respond to the will of the Ministry of Development to improve the connectivity of Spanish ports and the improvement of rail infrastructure,” Spain’s Minister of Development Iñigo de la Serna said.

The works will require an investment by the PAV of €33.6m (US$37.5m), €31.5m (US$35.2m) of which will go on the construction of the rail access.

These figures will cover the costs of drafting of the construction project and the execution of the works corresponding to the performance.

Money will be allocated to expropriations, safety pilots, materials and other costs associated with the investment.