Wednesday , 20 June 2018
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Kalmar launches new forklift range
There will be 12 models of the new forklift range

Kalmar launches new forklift range

Finnish manufacturer Kalmar has launched its new Essential range of forklift trucks, comprising a total of 12 models.

Capacities range from 10 to 18 tonnes which can be customised with a variety of power, mast, cabin and safety options.

Peter Ivarsson, the company’s director of forklift trucks, said: “The new Essential Range complements our current range of medium-sized forklifts by providing a value based choice for our customers. The Essential range is designed to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering everything they need in a medium-sized forklift.

He continued: “Our forklifts have proven themselves in the most demanding lifting applications around the world, and this new range will further strengthen their reputation for quality, reliability, operator comfort available for all.”

The new Essential cabin improves driver comfort and safety with excellent all-round visibility, power steering and easy lift operation as well as non-slip stairs and handrails.

Compatibility with Kalmar SmartFleet, a powerful equipment monitoring and optimisation tool that makes it easy to analyse performance data, helps to further improve efficiency and productivity.