Sunday , 22 July 2018
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CMA CGM and Infosys agree strategic partnership

CMA CGM has signed a strategic partnership with technology and services consultant Infosys, with the aim to simplify the carrier’s IT systems and improve customer service.

As part of the agreement Infosys will open a development and innovation centre in Marseilles, and will also take over CMA CGM’s IT development centre in Dubai.

The French carrier’s CEO Rodolphe Saadé said: “By setting up their centre of innovation in Marseille, CMA CGM, as well as the region, will benefit from Infosys’s expertise and their proximity.”

Infosys will provide CMA CGM with new technologies to improve the carrier’s agility and responsiveness, and will also develop their systems, applications and products (SAP) projects.

To do so, CMA CGM will use Infosys’s Nia artificial intelligence platform and the AssistEdge automation platform.

Infosys president and head of Europe Rajesh Krishnamurthy, said: “Simplifying the technology footprint and leveraging next-generation technologies is the need of the hour for the hyper-competitive shipping and logistics industry.”