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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Korean Port of Busan still empty

Having been built at a cost of 1 trillion won (US$1billion) and completed on January 19, the port of Busan in Korea has failed to attract a single shipment. The only bustling activity to be seen around the port is a series of trial runs, so that when cargo comes into the port, processing can be executed as swiftly as possible. Read More »

New Orleans to borrow US$12m

The Port of New Orleans yesterday received the go ahead to borrow up to US$12m over the next two years to fund its operating costs, debt payments and expenses incurred in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, during which it sustained damage in the region of US$84m. Read More »

White House Approves P&O Sale

Amidst cries of dissent, including one senator announcing his intention to bring in a ban on foreign-owned companies operating US shipping concerns, the Bush administration yesterday approved the US$6.8bn sale of P&O to Dubai Ports. Read More »

US Could annul P&O/Dubai Ports Deal

Although the majority of UK shareholders voted on Monday in favour of the offer by DP World to purchase P&O, the White House announced yesterday that it was investigating the Dubai Ports World company, because of the control the company would have over two P&O ports; those of Manhattan’s West Side cruise ship terminal and Newark’s containerport. Read More »

Kalmar launches world’s first Intelligent Tractor

Kalmar, the world’s leading supplier of cargo handling equipment to ports and terminals, has launched its new i-series ‘intelligent’ tractors, which offer users more power, more torque and a longer runtime. They are the first ever tractors to use CAN-BUS control technology. Read More »