Wednesday , 22 January 2020
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CVS Ferrari has just delivered three units of reach stacker model Ferrari 277.5 to the customer CGA/CGM, user of CVS Ferrari equipment since 1998 .

Vive la France : C.V.S. Ferrari delivery to CGA

The three machines are operating at Montoir de Bretagne terminal, situated in the Northern part of France, and are part of the plan of constant development and modernization of the terminal fleet.

The three new Ferrari machines F277.5 are equipped with 12 litres Scania engine and Dana Spicer Clark transmission, connected to a Rexroth hydraulic system of the last generation integrated with two variable displacement pumps and with a LUDV load sensing system that allows a fuel saving up to 40%.

The reach stacker Ferrari F277.5 is able to lift 45 tons in the first row and 25 tons in second row offering great combination of weight and engine power, great manoeuvrability and light ground pressure.

Thanks to its 330 hp engine and its weight of 65 tons, the machine Ferrari F277.5 is the fastest reach stacker as far as work cycle is concerned perfectly matching CGA operational requirements.

The telescopic spreader mounted on Ferrari reach stackers is designed and manufactured by CVS Ferrari itself. It is equipped with 10’ lifting eyes particularly useful for leasure boats handling. Being so near to many holiday resorts of the French coast, Montoir de Bretagne terminal is indeed often used to park and handle such a type of boats.

In order to increase their productivity, the three CVS Ferrari machines have an innovative drive and control system integrated in the driver seat with two joysticks available for the operator. The joystick mounted on the left arm has all the controls to turn, change gear and direction, open and close the spreader, whereas the joystick to control boom and spreader functions is situated on the right arm .

In this way the operator can use all the main controls without changing hands and can concentrate himself only on the containers handling with a considerable increase of productivity.