Saturday , 25 January 2020
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— Cerescorp Company has purchased two super post Panamax cranes for Fairview Cove Container Terminal facility in the Port of Halifax. With this purchase, Cerescorp will own and operate a total of six cranes at the terminal – three 65 metric ton super post Panamax types and three 40-ton gantry cranes. Together, they will have the capability of handling a throughput in excess of 400,000 containers per annum, according to Cerescorp.

Cerescorp Company has purchased two super post Panamax cranes

Cerescorp operates Fairview Cove Container Terminal under lease from the Halifax Port Authority. The 60 acre facility has a berth length of 2,165 feet, minimum water depth of 55 feet, and 6,000 feet of rail tracks with access to CN’s adjacent main rail marshalling yard.

The new cranes, which will be shipped to Halifax from Killarney (Ireland), can handle 22 containers across. Other technical features include:

• 65-ton, 20/40/45 foot spreading, twin-twenty spreaders

• High hoist and trolley speeds resulting in short cycle time (71/80m/min. hoist and 240m/min. trolley)

• Simultaneous hoisting, trolley traveling and gantry travels

• 40 meter (131 foot) height above waterside rail

• The latest speed control systems

• A crane management system providing extensive operational and crane performance data

• Mechanical anti-sway system

• High quality, steel structure design

Delivery is expected by summer 2007.