Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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The new STEELBRO “intelligent” system is a monitoring function for Slidelifters.

STEELBRO SMARTlift systems make Slidelifters safer.

Putting it simply the system prevents a Slidelifer from operating outside normal safety standards which results in the machine operating safely and more efficiently. Machines are less likely to be over exerted through inaccurate handling or over-weight loads. This would result in less “down-time” and repairs and better production for owners

SMARTlift uses new ‘Mechatronic’ design technology, and has been tested to the for temperature, water tightness, shock and even salt corrosiveness. The crane arms, stabilisers and trailer chassis are monitored by angle sensors. Stabiliser leg extension and hydraulic pressure are also measured. From this data is compiled and a complete ‘picture’ of the Sidelifter operation is taken every 50 milliseconds.

The entire system is there to notify the operator of any unsafe conditions both mechanically, and in regards to the cargo being handled.

If for any reasons the parameters are exceeded the system shuts down to prevent any further damage or potential loss. A good idea for any Slidelifer owner.