Wednesday , 22 January 2020
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A new container, swapbody and semi-trailer train has begun running from the Port of Duisburg in Germany to Høje-Taastrup near Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden. From Malmö, services link to further destinations such as Arsta near Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden, as well as the Alnabru terminal near Oslo in Norway.

Scandinavian rail link for Duisburg

Each train carries as many as 30 cargo units containing consumer and industrial goods, chemicals and paper products. Scandinavian cargo includes mainly paper and steel products bound for the German, French and Benelux markets, while goods travelling north for distribution in Scandinavia include foodstuffs, office supplies, washing agents and other consumer goods. It is estimated that the new service will shift some 13,000 truck trips to rail each year.

The service includes the first stop for Kombiverkehr at the DIT container terminal in the Logport logistics park on the west bank of the Rhine. Ulrich Bedacht, in charge of Kombiverkehr’s North European business, said: “The train is the product of the excellent cooperation between the Duisport Group, the DIT Terminal, DFDS Transport (one of the major users) and us…. As far as marshalling and classification go, we are completely happy to rely on the services of Duisport Rail.”

Rainer Gedert, head of DFDS Transport’s logistics operations in Duisburg, was also very happy with the new service. “We benefit from the train in more than one way. On the one hand, we can load four tonnes more into containers than is the case with pure road hauls. On the other hand, we become largely independent of driving and off-duty hours, highway toll and fuel prices.”