Sunday , 19 January 2020
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The Port of Gothenburg has taken possession of the largest container cranes in northern Europe, with the delivery of three units from the ZPMC factory in Shanghai, after a 64-day sea voyage. Adapted for the new generation of container vessels, the cranes are expected to contribute to logistics efficiency, consolidating Gothenburg’s position as the base port for the region.

Gothenburg adds giant cranes to quayside fleet

With a maximum over-water height of 118 m, the cranes will be Gothenburg’s tallest structures. According to Magnus KÃ¥restedt, the Port’s president, they are up to 50% stronger, 30% faster and have a 25% greater reach than existing equipment. “The improvement in capacity means shorter laytimes for the vessels, resulting in lower costs for both the shipping industry and for Swedish industry in general,” he commented.

Along with the new cranes, purchased at a cost of SEK250m (US$34.26m), Gothenburg has deepened its fairways and reinforced its quays to accommodate the largest vessels. The new cranes can extend across 23 rows of containers on board, compared with 18 rows previously. Smaller vessels will also benefit, as there will be more cranes available overall for loading and unloading.

Goods volumes at the Swedish port have more than doubled in the past ten years. “The new cranes are part of our overall strategy of further reinforcing our position in relation to the continental European ports. We regard Hamburg as one of our main competitors and we are now moving a step closer to it,” remarked KÃ¥restedt.