Friday , 18 October 2019
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Igus, the Cologne-based specialist in electromechanical energy supply systems, has released a number of new products in recent months. Its mechatronic Micro Flizz compact solution, for instance, is a self-guiding energy chain system developed for applications in automation and in materials handling, especially for aisle stackers.

Igus chains take the strain

The system has four complementary parts: a self-guiding energy chain in a compact guiding duct, a specially developed flat cable for power transmission, a glass fibre optic cable for data transmission and an industrial copper FOC coupler to act as an electronic converter, which customers can connect to their machines as a decentralised component.

This entirely new design for the horizontal and vertical supply of energy, data and air provides fast acceleration and higher and safer working speeds in continuous operation, says Igus. As a replacement for high-maintenance busbar systems with light barriers, it is said to be ideal for use with aisle stackers, portal robots and high-tech industrial equipment.

Another first from Igus is the LeviChain, a ‘floating’magnetic energy chain system. According to the company, this is the first energy chain available worldwide that floats in a magnetic force field, which makes it virtually abrasion-proof and free from noise. It is suitable for contact travel distances of up to 40 m, at high speeds and accelerations. Applications include cleanrooms, industrial robots, electronics manufacturing and materials handling.

Igus has also launched a new energy chain range specifically designed for cranes. The P4 is a profiled roller chain for very long travel distances, which is extremely quiet at speeds of up to 10 m/second. In addition, a new 4040 Heavy Duty chain is now available. As well as cranes, this has applications in opencast mining, power stations and mechanical engineering.