Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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Gulftainer Co Ltd of Sharjah, manager and operator of the container terminals at Sharjah and Khorfakken, has signed an agreement with the government of the Comoros Islands for a 15-year contract to operate, manage and upgrade the ports of Moroni and Mutsamudu.

Gulftainer to manage Comoros Islands ports

At Moroni, Gulftainer aims to expand the port’s capabilities by increasing its cargo storage area, building warehousing facilities and introducing the latest cargo-handling equipment. It began managing and operating the facility in early September, as soon as the agreement was signed, and will take over at Mutsamudu during 2007.

Peter Richards, general manager at Gulftainer, said: “This is a significant occasion for two main reasons: firstly, that this contract represents a further step in our efforts to develop our international links and raise our profile as a port management company; and secondly, it allows Gulftainer to use its well-established expertise to help develop the transport gateways of a country that will certainly benefit from the cost savings through efficient cargo handling at its ports.”

He added: “Our main aim will be to drastically reduce the time that vessels take to discharge and load their cargo in the port. This will allow the consignees and shippers of the Comoros Islands to negotiate better freight rates from the shipping lines, which will in turn allow the cost of importing goods into the country to be reduced. The same principle will be applied to the Port of Mutsamudu. We look forward to a long and successful cooperation with the Comoros.”