Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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MPRI, the US-based supplier of maritime simulator products, services and turnkey training facilities, has made a sixth sale of its maritime crane simulator to a Chinese port, concluding an agreement with the Dalian Port Container Terminal Co (DPCM) at Dayao Bay in Dalian. MPRI, part of the L-3 Communications group, has already sold the product to the ports of Yantian, Ningbo, Tianjin and Shanghai, and has 32 installations worldwide.

Dalian purchases MPRI crane simulator

The simulator can be tailored to meet the precise needs of the port’s crane systems, and the DCPM installation will include the only module on the market today for tandem-lift cranes. It will consist of a back projector model consisting of two modules, a ship-to-shore dock gantry single-lift system with tandem-lift technology and a rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane.

The ship-to-shore module will allow operators to practise dealing with problems such as hoist over torque, excessive swing and environmental conditions such as wind, rain and night-time operation. The RTG module allows them to improve their efficiency on the quay, helping to avoid collisions.

The simulator’s cab is mounted on a Moog 6-DOF motion base system designed to imitate the movements felt by operators in the real world. It also features surround sound, real-time photo-textured 3D graphics and realistic crane capacities and limits, says MPRI.