Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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TSCHAN GmbH works closely with customers in the fields of port logistics and material handling equipment for steel-producing operations to develop innovative solutions for new projects and to modernise and optimise existing plants. It specialises in powerful frequency converter technology and optimum coupling solutions that meet all the customer’s requirements with the highest level of efficiency and safety.

Crane drive solutions from Tschan

At the end of 2005, the company introduced a new range of torsionally stiff barrel couplings, TSCHAN TK Crane Boost. These heavy-duty couplings serve as a cable drum articulated joint in medium and high-speed torque transmissions of crane hoist mechanisms and conveying systems. With a maximum diameter of 850 mm, they are capable of transmitting torques of up to 685 kNm and radial loads of up to 380 kN.

The design was derived from decades of experience in providing barrel couplings for iron and steel mills and for applications such as spreaders, ship dischargers and container cranes. The barrel coupling series TSCHAN TK Classic is also available as a cost-competitive solution for standard crane applications. Both ranges are produced at TSCHAN’s base in Neunkirchen, Saar.

“The coupling installed in the drive line of high-capacity crane applications, regardless of whether the cranes are used for goods transfer in ports or in foundries, always plays a key role. It transmits the entire power in a compact space, while assuring first-rate and reliable performance,” explains Andreas Hart, managing director of TSCHAN GmbH. “The fact that the price for a coupling only comes up to about 12-15% of the price for a gearbox is out of proportion when considering the important function of a coupling.”