Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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VeriTainer, the only company offering crane-mounted radiation scanning technology, and APS Technology Group, a leading provider of shipping industry OCR (optical character recognition) solutions, have joined forces to offer a new security device that identifies containers while protecting against the threats of radiation and terrorist activities.

OCR/radiation scanning in a single device

The VeriSpreader is a scanning device that, according to the two companies, is the only crane-mounted security solution of its kind. It has the capacity to analyse every container passing through a terminal without disrupting the flow of traffic.

During standard loading and unloading operations, each container is scanned for radiation, while the APS OCR system captures images of the equipment numbers. The results of both processes are then collected and transmitted wirelessly. The device has recently been trialled at the Port of Oakland.

“This agreement aligns two of the most technologically advanced firms providing port security in the United States. Today we are providing these two technologies in the US. Tomorrow we’ll provide them in ports all over the globe,” said John Alioto, VeriTainer’s CEO.