Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Tideworks Technology has deployed its gate operating system, GateVision, at Terminal 6 (T-6) of the Port of Portland’s deep-sea container handling facility, its ninth implementation of the product. According to Tideworks, GateVision will benefit gate operations at T-6 by integrating four key components – voice communication, video information, scale data information and the terminal operating system – into a single interface.

Tideworks system deployed at Portland

Processing at the nine inbound lanes is now a paperless, single-stage procedure, with instructions for drivers displayed on a screen at a kiosk. This improves speed and security, and has also freed up space at the out-gate, where the port has been able to increase the number of lanes from three to four.

“The deployment of GateVision greatly enhances gate processing efficiency by enabling T-6 staff to easily collect truck, container and associated equipment data,” said Chris Meyer, manager of the terminal. “We are extremely pleased that GateVision is helping us to effectively handle increasing volumes of gate transactions, in addition to improving the safety of the work environment for the personnel in this area.”