Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Kazakhstan plans to spend some US$857m in the period to 2012 in order to develop its sea transport, according to the Ministry of Transportation and Communication. The bulk of the funds will be borrowed.

Kazakhstan to invest in sea transport

The sea transport programme is aimed at developing the country’s trade fleet, ports infrastructure and services, together with a ship control system and sea rescue facilities. It has two stages, the first to be implemented by 2008 and the second from 2009-12.

The first stage includes the ongoing expansion of Aktau seaport on the Caspian Sea, which is one of a list of assets to be offered for concession. The expansion will increase the port’s capacity to 23m tonnes by 2010.

At Bautino port, also on the Caspian Sea, cargo handling areas will be expanded and a terminal will be built to handle equipment and building materials, increasing the port’s capacity from 1m tonnes to 4m tonnes a year. In addition, a US$12m facility for the repair and maintenance of small vessels will be constructed by the end of this year.

A shipbuilding and ship repair yard, with a total value of US$60m, will also be built at the port of Kuryk during 2007-09. Overall, the programme will expand Kazakhstan’s trade fleet to 20 tankers and five dry cargo carriers by 2012.

Other elements of the plan will see a ship control system created in Tupkaragan Bay at Bautino during 2007. Similar systems will be established in the Bekovich-Cherkassky Bay (at Kuryk) and in the port of Atyrau, on the Ural River near the Caspian. Later the ship control system at Aktau will be upgraded. More than US$24m will be required to install the ship control systems, and about US$40m will be spent to establish a regional rescue/control centre for the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea.