Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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STEELBRO NZ Ltd has appointed Argentina-based Equipos y Servicios para Terminales y Puertos SRL (ESTP) as its exclusive distributor for Sidelifters in Argentina and Uruguay.

South American distributor for STEELBRO

ESTP sells a range of cargo handling equipment, including Kalmar equipment, to port and intermodal terminals throughout the region. It also provides maintenance, parts and servicing for most types of cargo equipment, including STS cranes, RTGs and forklifts.

According to ESTP’s managing director, Marcelo Massa, the company saw an opportunity for STEELBRO Sidelifters in 2006, with the development of several intermodal terminals and small container depots in Argentina and Uruguay.

“We think that STEELBRO Sidelifters will be a key tool for developing operations at container depots, particularly ones with small throughput volumes. They will also be used for developing container traffic in and around small railroad stations where a relatively small number of containers are loaded and unloaded on a daily basis,” said Massa.

STEELBRO’s sales and marketing manager, Albear Montocchio, said the situation in Argentina and Uruguay is typical of many Latin American countries. He added that the growing trend towards rail transportation is creating demand for versatile products like the STEELBRO Sidelifter.

“The Sidelifter is the ideal tool where there is little logistics infrastructure but good access to rail transportation,” said Montocchio. “Sidelifters can operate in any area where there is enough space to load or unload from rail wagons. Goods or produce can be loaded on the ground close to the point of production and transported quickly to railway sidings. We see Sidelifter technology as being very beneficial to commerce in South America. ESTP has the experience and service facilities to make a big impact in this region.”