Monday , 23 September 2019
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Kalmar has unveiled a new spreader design, Max Stable, which features an eight-rope reeving system without auxiliary ropes for faster, no-sway micro-movements, thus making cycle times quicker and more efficient. According to Kalmar, the Max Stable anti-sway system means better load stability control in rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) operations, due to the fact that the spreader’s cargo is hoisted by all eight ropes.

New spreader design from Kalmar

The design of Max Stable involves a spreader attached to a more rigid rope reeving system by means of two hoist drums. A new angular sheave scheme, in combination with the eight-rope design, stabilises the load, allowing faster, more accurate positioning of the spreader.

Rene Kleiss, VP of Kalmar Cranes, commented: “The new Max Stable meets customer needs for more efficient stacking movements and better lifting speeds, as its rigid rope reeving system ensures stability. This is because the main components – hoist ropes, drums and sheaves – are completely integrated. This design is unique to the market, but is the result of good feedback from our customers, and is derived from a system employed on Kalmar’s automatic stacking cranes.”

The new design allows operators to perform all micro-movements, including skewing, trimming and sideshifting in both directions. The joystick-controlled movements offer ± 5º skewing and optional trim with automatic centring, which also contributes to reliability and operating efficiency.