Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Malta Freeport Terminals reports an increase in operational efficiency since the installation of a software module developed by Shireburn Software. The Shireburn software runs alongside the port’s Navis SPARCS terminal operating system (TOS), and monitors and manages e-mail flows between the port and ships as they provide loading and discharge instructions for their cargoes.

Shireburn ups efficiency at Malta Freeport

The workplans, in the form of e-mailed attachments, are managed by a Shireburn’s EDI Workflow solution, which has been built on the company’s Lotus Notes infrastructure. The module handles the import and export of messages from the Navis Express host system and has archiving and search functionality built in.

The software captures all EDI documents received via e-mail, reads the data and, if relevant, updates workflow applications, before importing the data into SPARCS. When vessels depart, all outgoing EDI documentation is again processed through the Workflow software.

Malta Freeport handles an average of 3,000 teu each day, from 110 ports worldwide. According to Tonio Azzopardi, senior systems administrator at the port, the Shireburn solution has enabled smoother operations, faster processing of documentation, reductions in errors and a faster throughput of vessels.

“Without the element delivered by Shireburn, we weren’t running effectively,” he commented. “We have invested heavily in plant and people and so the processes needed to be brought up to speed. We work very closely with the Shireburn team, who have exceptional knowledge of the shipping industry. This ensures we are aligned with systems and changes across the industry, making our environment future-proof.”