Friday , 24 January 2020
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BCA (Barge Company Amsterdam) has launched a new weekly barge shuttle service between container terminals in the Port of Amsterdam and Strasbourg in France. This is the first time that a scheduled service has been offered between the Upper Rhine and Amsterdam exclusively, according to the company.

Barge shuttle service for Upper Rhine

BCA is mainly targeting container traffic from Strasbourg to the USA Terminal in Amsterdam (operated by Ter Haak), for further transport by sea. The 156 teu barge will also transport containers from Strasbourg to other Amsterdam container terminals, such as VCK and Ceres Paragon, which serve destinations in the Far East and Africa, among others.

The vessel departs from Amsterdam each Friday, loading and unloading freight in Strasbourg on Monday, before departing for Amsterdam again on Wednesday. The new service can accommodate calls to other ports along the Upper Rhine such as Basel, Koblenz and Ottmarsheim. In the near future, BCA plans to deploy more barges, increase the frequency of the service and serve more Rhine ports.