Friday , 24 January 2020
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Da Chan Bay Terminal One, in Shenzhen, southern China, has taken delivery of its first dual-hoist tandem-lift quay crane and six electrical rubber-tyred gantry cranes (eRTGs) from Shanghai’s Zhenhua Port Machinery Co (ZPMC).

Da Chan Bay One prepares for launch

This is the first batch of equipment ordered from ZPMC, which will deliver seven more tandem-lift quay cranes and another 14 eRTGs in batches by early September. Four more quay cranes and a further ten eRTGs will arrive in 2008, following the terminal’s scheduled opening at the end of this year.

The eRTGs offer reduced energy consumption, quieter operation and better air quality than conventional diesel models, according to the manufacturer. In addition they provide less maintenance and thus greater reliability, and are also fitted with anti-collision and anti-lifting systems to ensure operational safety.

The dual-hoist tandem-lift quay cranes are reportedly 30% more productive than regular types. They can handle two 40 ft containers or four 20 ft containers simultaneously, with a total laden weight of 80 tonnes, and have a 67 m outreach across 24 containers, which is sufficient to serve the widest vessels available in the near future. They also have a wide rail gauge of 35 m, which allows more tractor traffic underneath.

Horace Lo, general manager of the terminal, said: “The arrival of this equipment means a lot to the terminal. It is one of our successful initiatives in environmental protection, and also represents a major progress milestone.”