Friday , 18 October 2019
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Gottwald Port Technology sold a total of 14 cranes to Latin America in the first nine months of 2007, exceeding its sales in the region for the whole of 2006. The total comprises 13 new Generation 5 cranes for customers in Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, and a used crane for the Argentinian port of Bahia Blanca.

Gottwald focuses on Latin America

The Model 6 crane – the successor to the HMK 300 E – has turned out to be a bestseller in the region, according to the company. Of the 13 new Generation 5 cranes ordered, 10 were G HMK 6407 mobile harbour cranes. Of more than 90 Gottwald cranes now in Latin America, approximately 90% have a 100-tonne lifting capacity and are employed for loading and unloading ships ranging up to the post-Panamax class. The company has also booked orders for ten floating cranes for bulk handling use.

The largest single market, with five Generation 5 cranes, remains Brazil, where the Gottwald fleet has increased to 23. Termaco in the Port of Fortaleza and TCP in the Port of Paranagua have each ordered a G HMK 6407 MHC, while WRC Operadores in the Port of Sao Francisco do Sul has bought another G HMK 6407, increasing its fleet to three Gottwald cranes.

In Ecuador, two G HMK 6407 units are destined for the Contecon Port in Guayaquil, while Hutchison Group has ordered another for the Port of Manta. In Chile, longtime customer Agunsa has ordered a G HMK 6407 mobile harbour crane for handling containers in the Port of Iquique.

Generation 5 has also been well received in Mexico, where CICE group at the Port of Veracruz, another existing customer, has ordered a G HMK 7608 unit, a variant of Model 7. In Colombia, SPRB has bought two G HMK 6407 MHCs for container handling in the Port of Barranquilla, while in Argentina, start-up company Patagonia Norte has purchased a used HMK 280 E unit for use at the Port of Bahia Blanca.

Regional sales manager Rainer Buessing commented on the first nine months of 2007: “There is no doubt that the entire Latin American region has developed into a focus market for Gottwald. In addition to the many cranes sold, we see great potential for new orders, particularly for mobile harbour cranes of the 100-tonne class, such as the G HMK 6407, which is already being successfully used on ships of the post-Panamax class in a number of ports.”