Friday , 18 October 2019
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Following its acquisition of St Petersburg’s Vyborg and Western Ports in the spring, Oslo Marine Group Ltd (OMG), the investment, insurance and port operations group, based in St Petersburg, Russia, has commenced a three-year redevelopment programme designed to establish a single, multi-disciplinary port operation for the region by 2010.

OMG embarks on Vyborg redevelopment

According to Keith Parker, managing director of OMG’s London office: “Our plan is to develop Vyborg port into a container terminal, establishing it as a strategic logistics hub for the Baltic. Western Port will specialise in bulk cargo – present plans are for it to handle 14 vessels, carrying 50,000 cubic metres of timber per month.”

Currently Vyborg has 13 berths with a total loading length of 1,000 m at depths of 7.1 m to 9.8 m. It handles passenger traffic and a wide range of general and bulk cargo, including containers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, grain and coal. With the expansion of the Russian economy, cargo turnover is growing rapidly, rising by 40% to 1.25m tonnes in 2006.

OMG’s development of Vyborg Port runs alongside its US$36m expansion of capacity at the Onega Sea Port Cargo terminal in St Petersburg, which is now in its second phase. Onega is a dedicated ro-ro facility which aims to facilitate the importation of 120,000–150,000 cars annually, reducing Russia’s dependence on imports via Finland and the Baltic States. Russian car imports were up by 67% in the first six months of 2007.