Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Liebherr-Werk Nenzing has announced a number of improvements and upgrades to its range of mobile harbour cranes. The LHM Lightweight range now comprises the upgraded LHM 100, with an maximum outreach of 30 m and a lifting capacity of 45 tonnes; the new LHM 180, which has an outreach of 35 m and lifting capacity of 64 tonnes; and the upgraded LHM 250, which has an outreach of 40 m and lifting capacity of 84 tonnes.

Liebherr upgrades small crane range

In the LHM Heavyweight range the LHM 320, 400, 500, 600 offer outreaches ranging from 43 m up to 58 m and lifting capacities from 104 tonnes to 208 tonnes. According to Liebherr, the recent focus of improvements has been at the large end of the crane market, but smaller cranes account for 30% of its annual sales. Its smaller cranes now all feature technical upgrades designed to save the customer money and make the cranes more environmentally friendly.

New features include GRP machinery housings on all units, giving a corrosion-free, lighter structure with better noise insulation; internally mounted winches; oil coolers mounted externally to avoid contamination; electric or diesel prime movers – or both – on all machines; higher luffing, slewing and hoisting speeds; and the ability to work with a fully automatic spreader all the way down to the LHM 180 machine.

Hydraulics are designed to the same standard as Liebherr’s aircraft industry components and circuits are separately monitored by its Lictronic control system, allowing engineers to keep downtime to a minimum. The cranes feature optional eco-drive software which, according to the company, can save up to 30% on diesel costs, and all can also be operated with bio-degradable oils.

Meanwhile, Liebherr has achieved a breakthrough in the Port of Antwerp, selling two of its mobile harbour cranes to companies operating there. IMT (Independent Maritime Terminal), which previously only used competitors’ cranes, has placed an order for an LHM 400S unit. This has a maximum lifting capacity of 104 tonnes and a 48 m maximum outreach, and is designed for cargo handling up to the seventeenth row. Another company, NHS (Nova & Hesse-Nord Natie), a specialist in handling conventional cargoes, has signed a contract for a Liebherr LHM 500S MHC.