Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Stockholm-based Bromma Group has opened a new company headquarters in Kista, Stockholm.

Bromma Group”s new Swedish headquarters

As part of a strategic investment programme for the future, the new facility which includes a spreader prototype workshop to support Bromma’s product R&D work, will create a superior environment for spreader design and cross-department interaction.

In the stand-alone headquarters building, Bromma’s 30-person R&D engineering team, Bromma marketing, and Bromma services now all work side-by-side, creating a physical environment that should lead to improved communications and a faster response to customer needs.

Strategic investment recently included the adoption of a new corporate logo which symbolises both the “now” and the “future” of the growing Bromma. In the new logo the BROMMA typeface has been retained while the spreader frame surrounding the word Bromma has been taken away, to symbolise the balance that Bromma seeks to achieve “as a company providing both exceptional products and services to its customers.”