Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Later this year Matson Navigation, a leading provider of multi-modal transportation services in the Pacific and the North American market, will replace the in-house terminal operating system (TOS) at its Sand Island terminal in Honolulu with the Navis SPARCS N4 system.

NAVIS wins Matson Navigation Contract

And next year, SPARCS N4 will be rolled out at additional terminals in Hawaii as well as being used for container tracking in Guam and Micronesia.

According to the company, SPARCS N4 combines Navis’ experience at more than 450 marine terminals around the world and provides the low-cost, low-risk economics of packaged software without sacrificing the flexibility of a custom solution. It was decided to implement Navis’ software after SPARCS N4 emerged as the obvious leader during an evaluation process among competitors conducted by Matson.

“SPARCS N4 is very compatible with our current architecture,” said Peter Weis, Matson’s vice president and chief information officer at Matson, “and we have been using Navis software to improve ship planning, equipment control and container yard planning since 1993. We have been very pleased with the product and we are confident we will be able to successfully deploy SPARCS N4 in Honolulu,” he said.