South African port statistics for October 2007

South African port statistics for October 2007

As usual Richards Bay led the way with 7.781m tonnes of all cargoes handled, followed closely by Durban with 6.771m tonnes, thanks to high bulk cargo imports and an impressive month for container handling.

Interestingly, Durban handles more than double the breakbulk cargo handled at all other ports combined – 700,000 tonnes out of a total of 1.3m tonnes.

Figures quoted in this report have been adjusted from those issued by Transnet to include container volumes as containers are no longer measured by weight by Transnet National Ports Authority. The adjustment is based on a conservatively estimated average weight of 13.5 tonnes for each teu.

The ports handled the following:

Cargo handled by tonnes

Richards Bay 7,781m (Sep 6.223m)

Durban 6,771m (Sep 6.706m)

Saldanha Bay 2,952m (Sep 2.517m)

Cape Town 1,332m (Sep 1.215m)

Port Elizabeth 0.872m (Sep 1.104m)

Mossel Bay 0.232m (Sep 0.050m)

East London 0.122m (Sep 0.229m)

Total monthly cargo by tonnes 20.063m tonnes (Sep 17.979m tonnes)

Containers measured by teu (including deepsea, coastal, tranship and empty containers as invoiced by NPA)

Durban 227,382 (Sep 206,889)

Cape Town 66,189 (Sep 63,988)

Port Elizabeth 39,319 (Sep 39,150)

East London 3,374 (Sep 3,364)

Richards Bay 252 (Sep 287)

Total handled 336,516 TEU (Sep 313,678)

source NPA with adjustments made by Ports & Ships to include container weights)