Sunday , 17 November 2019
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The Dutch 45 ft container specialist UNIT45 will present its latest box designs at December’s Intermodal show in Amsterdam, with pride of place going to its new dual compartment diesel-electric reefer, which can transport a variety of commodities at two different temperatures.

Dual-temperature reefer from UNIT45

The container has an internal insulated wall that can be secured in different positions according to the load split. The rail-mounted wall can easily be moved by a single worker, and can be stowed flush to the roof when not required. Special ducting and temperature monitors mean that deep-frozen products can be carried in the front section, while a temperature of between -20ºC and +20ºC can be maintained at the rear (door) end.

The part-load capability means that cargo can be carried from two different customers in the same container – for example, cheese and cut flowers, according to UNIT45. It is also expected to appeal to shippers wanting to use a single container to carry two or more commodities from the same customer – for example, frozen and fresh poultry, or a mix of products on pallets.

The dual compartment system can be installed in both all-electric and diesel-electric containers, but UNIT45 believes that the strongest market will be for the diesel-electric version, as this is not reliant on an external electrical power supply. Such reefers are typically used in multimodal operations involving rail or in situations where the container may need to be left in locations without a readily available power supply.

UNIT45’s diesel-electric unit incorporates a 200-litre diesel tank to power the generator. This, says the company, is more than sufficient for long-haul rail operations, such as Italy to Rotterdam or Rotterdam to Eastern Europe.