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In the third quarter of 2007, Thermo King’s Global Marine Solutions group completed not only its strongest quarter on record, but each of the segment’s two main product lines – the Magnum container refrigeration unit and gensets – also recorded their strongest quarters.

Record Q3 sales for Thermo King

Global Marine Solutions shipped more gensets than were shipped in the entire years of 2001, 2002 or 2003, and almost matched 2004 shipment numbers. “The low energy consumption and resultant reduced environmental carbon footprint these products offer have really struck a chord with our customers,” said Dermott Crombie, vice president, Global Marine Solutions.

He explained: “For a typical chill cargo carried for one week, the difference between the best and the worst equipment in the market today will contribute an extra 200 kg of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per container refrigeration unit, per week. Imagine a ship carrying 500 refrigeration units. The difference is now 200 kg per week times 500 units, which equals 100 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, for every week of the voyage. A three-week voyage on such a vessel could mean a 300 metric tonne increase in CO2 emissions.”

The five-year-old Magnum refrigeration system continues to lead the container refrigeration market in energy efficiency, temperature pull-down, tight temperature control, weight and simplicity of design, resulting in low maintenance costs. All this is done with no compromise to cargo care, according to the company.

Thermo King’s new SG3000 genset with SG+ controller and optional EcoPower enhancement uses around 20% less fuel compared with its nearest competitor. This lower fuel consumption translates directly into a smaller carbon footprint, and lower energy costs. All these factors are essential as shippers continue to focus on the cost of transport and the environmental impact of moving perishables across the globe, says Thermo King.