Wednesday , 22 January 2020
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The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) Board of Directors has unanimously approved an Intergovernmental Agreement for Development of the Jasper Ocean Terminal in which both Georgia and South Carolina will work cooperatively to develop a new port on the Savannah River in Jasper County.

Jasper Ocean Terminal agreement

Approved by the South Carolina State Port Authority (SCSPA) last week, the agreement, creates a Joint Project Office that will be funded by both port authorities and determine the feasibility and best location for the terminal, file for a development permit and develop a business plan.

The agreement was announced last month by Governors Perdue and Sanford of South Carolina and provides for the sale of 1,400 acres currently owned by the Georgia Department of Transportation to the GPA and SCSPA. It further provides that the new Joint Project Office will work with the US Army Corps of Engineers to release existing spoil easements from the Jasper Terminal Study Site and both states’ legislatures to adopt an interstate compact agreement to form the new entity that will ultimately own the terminal and decide how it is operated. The Joint Project Office will concentrate on ways to use private capital in the construction of the Jasper County terminal.