Saturday , 25 January 2020
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The global container shipping industry yesterday launched a major public awareness drive in London with the formation of The Container Shipping Information Service (CSIS). Its aim is to increase public understanding and appreciation worldwide of the benefits and impact that this hitherto relatively unknown industry has on daily life.

Container shipping industry launches public awareness drive

Normally people do not give the world of container shipping a second thought. Yet, without it, modern life would not exist in the way we know it. In this context, the aim of CSIS is to encourage an understanding and appreciation in the wider world about the container shipping industry, and to show the benefits that it brings to daily life.

Through the Container Shipping Information Service, the industry aims to do just that by showing how what it does is vital to the lives that people enjoy living in the modern world. It also plans to openly address some common areas of concern and talk about its role in addressing them – in particular, the environment, globalisation and security.

Formed by 24 of the world’s leading container shipping companies, the initiative is a first for the industry.

A first step in achieving this has been the creation of a public website that is designed to provide a one-stop shop of information about the industry, accessible to anyone in the world, so that consumers, businesses, journalists and any other interested parties can find CSIS’ views, facts and figures at the touch of a button.