Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Railpower Technologies Corp and TSI Terminal Systems Inc have reported fuel savings of on average 70% after Railpower’s EcoCrane hybrid power plants were fitted to RTG cranes at TSI’s Vancouver terminals in a trial beginning last June. The diesel/battery power plants promise to save up to 26,800 gallons (101,500 litres) of fuel per year, according to the Montreal-based Railpower.

Railpower’s EcoCrane delivers big fuel savings

One unit was fitted to an RTG at TSI Vanterm terminal in June 2007, and a second to an RTG at TSI Deltaport in February 2008. Both units have been operating daily, with the same container throughput and working reliability as conventional RTGs, but have burned four times less fuel.

Railpower’s technology replaces the conventional diesel generator set with a smaller hybrid diesel engine/alternator and lead-acid battery storage combination. In the trials, operating speeds, service factors and duty cycles remained unchanged, while fuel consumption of 2.15 gallons (8.15 litres) per hour generated economies ranging from 61% to 82% compared with traditional RTGs.

The company’s EcoCrane technology has the capacity to adjust the power provided by the prime power source to average demand, as well as the capacity to regenerate energy when lowering containers. The EcoCrane system is the same size and weight as a conventional generator set, and can be installed on new equipment or retrofitted in less than a week.

“As the price of fuel increases, more and more ports will investigate ways to reduce fuel usage. Retrofitting their RTGs to hybrid power systems is a premium solution to achieving a more fuel-efficient system, without any additional operational constraint,” said José Mathieu, president and CEO of Railpower.