Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Navis, the developer of automated marine terminal operating systems that is now part of the Zebra Technologies group of companies, has installed its SPARCS terminal operating system (TOS) for its first customer in Vietnam. Vietnam International Container Terminals (VICT) has gone live with the system at its facilities at Ho Chi Minh City.

Navis SPARCS goes live in Vietnam

Container throughput at VICT is expected to grow by 20% following Vietnam’s accession to the World Trade Organisation. SPARCS will enhance the terminal’s yard and vessel planning capabilities to maximise its container handling productivity and to help it deal with rising container volumes. VICT is now one of 200 marine terminals around the world running Navis solutions.

“We are already seeing a return on our investment. SPARCS is instrumental in supporting our expansion and future growth, while continuing to provide quality and customer-focused services,” said Joseph Wann, managing director at VICT.

The terminal is the first dedicated container port project in Vietnam to be run with the participation of foreign partners. Since it began operating in 1998, its handling capacity has increased from less than 50,000 teu to nearly 450,000 teu in 2007. Planned expansion will increase its total berth length to 678 m and its handling capacity to 900,000 by later this year.