Friday , 17 January 2020
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Tideworks Technology Inc. has launched the latest version of Terminal View, a dynamic, three-dimensional tool that enables port and intermodal operators to zoom into any area of the terminal and monitor operations in real-time through an intuitive and rich user interface.

Tideworks updates Terminal View application

The program is part of Tideworks’ Traffic Control system, which provides terminal operators with dynamic control of container-handling equipment and electronic dispatching of work instructions. The combined system provides operational efficiencies and enhanced ROI for terminals, eliminating the need for paper instructions, optimising the operation of handling equipment and drastically reducing maintenance and fuel costs, according to the company.

Terminal View provides access to real-time views of the moves assigned to equipment on the terminal and allows staff to modify those moves, either by placing them on hold or by reassigning them to other equipment. Additionally, when deployed in conjunction with differential global positioning systems (DGPS) or other location technologies, it shows the current status and location of equipment throughout the terminal. The program utilises filters, colours and other graphical aids to represent the various terminal operations in a 3D view.

“The ability to see our terminal in a three-dimensional view scaled to the exact dimensions of our yard is extremely helpful for us not just to monitor but to manage our operations on a real-time basis,” said Stacy Hatfield, terminal operations manager at Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Panama, where the software has been installed. “The system greatly increases our visibility into all operations across the terminal, allowing us to better control our logistics and thereby significantly enhance our efficiency.”

Tideworks’ Traffic Control application, while available on a standalone basis, has also been fully integrated with DGPS and functions with a high degree of accuracy for RTGs, top-pickers and side-pickers. Auto steering is another option that can be easily activated via the Traffic Control interface. Additionally, Traffic Control Terminal View provides a ‘look ahead’ feature which shows terminal operators the projected future state of the terminal and all handling equipment, based on current plans operations and asset allocation.