Monday , 23 September 2019
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UK based Container Leasing, the supplier of specialist European and non-ISO container equipment including 30ft ‘bag-in-box’ bulk containers, has secured further orders from Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH of Germany, bringing to 550 the total number of bulk boxes ordered since autumn last year.

Container Leasing secures bulk orders with Schmidt

After an intensive review of Schmidt’s requirements, Container Leasing used a lightweight, high-yield steel for the main container body to create a strong and user-friendly container design with increased carrying capacity of 56m3 and a tare weight of less than 3 tonnes.

Despite their light weight the boxes are engineered to withstand the full ISO test loads of 0.6P on the side walls and 0.4P on the end walls. Previously, it has been general practice for bulk box manufacturers to down-rate these load factors to ensure that units pass the ISO test.

A number of features have also been added to improve personnel safety for container top working, including recessed footholds on the ladder, handgrips and non-slip paint on the roof.

Following an initial trial order for 50 boxes, Schmidt placed a further order for 250 boxes with standard steel floors and one prototype unit with a wooden floor. Another 250 units with steel floors are now under construction in China for summer delivery.