Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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A major breakthrough for the container shipping industry has been achieved with an agreement by the Container Owners Association (COA) - representing container operators and lessors worldwide - to adopt an ‘interchange inspection criteria’ for dry freight containers.

Container Owners Endorse Common Interchange Inspection Criteria

Designated the ‘Common Interchange Criteria’ (CIC) uses a standard launched last year following two years detailed research of container damage by three leasing companies – Triton Container International, Florens Container Services and Container Applications International.

The revised inspection criteria is based on UCIRC (the shipping line industry’s in-service inspection standard) and the Institute of International Container Lessors’ IICL-5 interchange standard.

Following the COA’s endorsement and adoption by its members of the CIC, companies using this standard will not only encompass its three originators but also GE SeaCo, which previously operated its own interchange criteria.

This alignment between container operators and leasing companies will simplified operations by improving repair depot efficiency and reducing the number of unnecessary repairs, whilst lessening the confusion among surveyors and estimators, Greater accuracy of estimates and a higher level of consistency in the quality of containers delivered to operators is also expected.

When a container operator hires a container, CIC will provide greater assurance that it will suit the needs of the vast majority of shippers, whilst off-hire the operator will know the inspection standard to be used to calculate damage repair costs.

The COA emphasises that CIC will not replace UCIRC as the shipping lines’ in-service inspection standard; it will only be utilised when leased containers are on-hired and off-hired.