Thursday , 23 January 2020
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Specialist measuring and sensor technology company tecsis of Germany has launched a new test set with an extended measurement range of 20 kN, which can be used to measure electrode forces in spot-welding equipment.

New welding gun test set from tecsis

Spot welding is the most important method in automotive manufacturing. The quality of the welding spot depends on the current, the welding time and the force of the welding gun, which presses the two parts together.

The set, which has a very robust design, consists of a force transducer and a display unit. To check the forces acting between the electrodes, the force transducer is placed between the electrodes, where it is centred by the concave force transfer surfaces. When the welding electrodes come together, the value of the applied force can be read off on the display unit.

The test set uses tecsis’ proven thin-film sensors, which are incorporated into the force transducer. Due to the direct connection between steel and strain gauge, the force transducer has excellent long-term stability, is robust and shows no creeping, according to the company.