Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Yilport Container Terminal Inc. of Turkey has signed a purchase agreement with ABB Crane Systems of Sweden for a crane training simulator system. The ABB system will be installed to help crane operators at Yilport’s newly-opened container terminal in Gebze to practice challenging manoeuvres.

ABB to supply crane simulators to Yilport

ABB will supply its latest system, consisting of a cabin with electric motion system, using five 63 in flat screens and audio equipment in the cabin and eight PCs in the simulation control. This enables the simulation of real working environments in different weather conditions and situations that cannot be safely replicated using traditional training methods.

Yilport has purchased two simulator sets, each of them a dual-function simulator integrating to MES-Paceco STS crane and MES-Paceco RTG crane models. The terminal will install a specially designed (and locally manufactured) 45 ft high-cube (9 ft 6 in) container with doors at both ends and an entrance door on one side. The two simulators will be placed at either end of the container, leaving space for classroom instruction, with one instructor to two–four students.

Rico Tolentino, operations training manager at Yilport Container Terminal, said the ABB crane simulator was being introduced to help increase the safety and efficiency of critical container handling crane operations. Robert Yuksel Yildirim, the terminal’s president and CEO, stressed that the new simulator is considered an integral part of the port’s development strategy.

According to Anders Lindh, training and area sales manager of crane systems at ABB, crane operators can improve their skills to achieve set productivity targets, without interrupting normal operations or causing expensive damage to gantry cranes. Previous users have reported greatly increased efficiency in the training of new operators, with up to 40% fewer training hours required.