Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Langh Ship Cargo Solutions of Finland has launched two new containers for transporting steel coil products. The containers are based on a new design that is intended to make the transportation of steel products more efficient.

Langh Ship launches steel-carrying containers

The Hard Open Top Cradle Container, for transporting large steel coils, is equipped with a cradle that holds the coils safely in place during the voyage. Loading and unloading of the container is simple as no manual lashing is needed.

The container can be lifted with a load of up to 40 tonnes, but can take up to 60 tonnes, acting as a cradle, if lifted empty onto the vessel and then loaded. It has a removable top, which allows it also to be used as a bulk container for the transport of raw materials such as ferrochromium.

The other new product is the Hard Open Top Low Cradle Container. This specialised box contains three transverse cradles, in which coils with a diameter of 90–120 cm can be loaded. This container also has a carrying capacity of 40 tonnes, and can be handled with the same crane grippers or forklifts used to handle the coils. Both containers can also be transported by rail or by barge, as well as onboard ship.

Meanwhile, on October 25 Langh Ship won an honourable mention in Finland’s national Productive Idea Competition for its steel-carrying cradle cassettes, which first went into service early this year. According to the citation, the cassettes speed up cargo handling, reduce damage and costs, enhance security and are environmentally friendly. The Productive Idea Competition, now in its 30th year, was organised by the Junior Chamber International Finland.