Thursday , 23 January 2020
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The “green” barge shuttling containers up the Manchester Ship Canal from the Port of Liverpool to the heart of the North West of England is now making a regular “bus stop” call at Ellesmere Port en route to the Irlam Container Terminal.

Bus stop shuttle barge service

The push tug and barge discharged initial 50 containers of organic molasses shipped into Liverpool’s Royal Seaforth Container Terminal by Mediterranean Shipping Company from Paraguay, before sailing on up the Canal with boxes of Tesco wines bound for Manchester.

The molasses is being shipped into the UK by the Organic Division of Uren Food Group Limited, for distribution as livestock feed to organically certified farms.

The dawn discharge of the containers at Ellesmere Port was undertaken by Quality Freight (UK) using its new £1m US$1.54m) Liebherr 150 mobile harbour crane. An hour later, the barge sailed for its next delivery stop at Irlam Container Terminal on the Ship Canal.

Sebastian Gardiner, managing director of Quality Freight said: “We now expect to repeat containers carrying not just molasses, but other cargoes bound for the North of England.”